Dynamic Retrievers specializes in training young dogs (retriever breeds) for field trials, hunt tests, and hunting.
Our basics and transition training is very thorough and ensures that each dog is properly conditioned to have
the tools needed for a successful lifetime of competing and/or hunting.

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Young dog development for those wanting a well-trained hunting dog and family companion has been and continues to be an important part of the training going on at Dynamic Retrievers.  We ourselves are hunters and understand the importance of having a well behaved yet stylish retriever afield.

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Hunt Tests

The biggest reason dogs struggle in hunt tests is because some aspect(s) of their early training is weak or missing.  Temptation to run dogs that are very young and/or rushing to run a dog without adequate training also limits their success in the future.

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Field Trials

We conduct field trial training for puppies through early all-age training.  Handling services are offered for the derby and qualifying stakes.  For most dogs, running a lot of derbies is a detriment in the long run, therefore we encourage running a few derbies for the dog’s experience but avoiding “derby fever.”

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Dynamic DIY Training

Dynamic DIY offers a mentored training program for dog owners. Traditionally people attempting to train their own dogs through the use of books and/or videos are not as successful as they could be under the guidance of an experienced and successful trainer. For the amateur trainer wanting to train successfully by being fair and thorough, Dynamic DIY is the perfect option.

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